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History of West Side Church of Christ

In the month of February, 1958, the present West Side church of Christ met for the first time in Heekin Park in Muncie, Indiana. There were 49 present with a contribution that day of $46.00. After three weeks the group moved to a small building on Columbus Avenue in Muncie. It was then known as the Columbus Avenue church of Christ. The congregation met there for six months with an average attendance of 55 and an average contribution of $60.00.

The congregation, seeing a great need for a future building, purchased on contract for $4,000.00 the land on which the present building stands. The name of the congregation was the West Side church of Christ. At that time it was not known that the future address would be Yorktown, thus confusing the address.

In August of 1958 the congregation moved to 2516 Rosewood Avenue in Muncie. This was the meeting place until the present building was completed. In 1960 the group paid off the remaining indebtedness on the lot and in August 1960 secured the services of Ralph Burris, the first full time preacher of the congregation. Preaching prior to this had been done by James Smith and Paul Curry. At the close of 1960 the average attendance was 70 and the average contribution was $115.00.

In June of 1961 the building program was officially begun with the appointment of a building and finance committee. This committee consisted of the elders: Earl Davis, James Bailey and Bob Monroe and the deacons: Herb Smith, Gib Taylor, and Gentry Qualls. At this time the congregation signed with the Paden Construction Company of Clairburn, Texas. With a very generous contribution from the Fairlawn church of Christ, and the diligent efforts of the committee, financing was available to start construction. Actual work started on July 27, 1961. Four months later the building was completed and the group met in the new building for the first time on Wednesday evening, November 29, 1961. In 1962 the average contribution was above $200.00 with an average attendance of 100.

Dedication of the building was held on January 28, 1962 with brother Earl West being the speaker of the occasion. There were 410 present for the service. In 1962 three additional deacons were appointed. They were Paul Curry, Damon Summers, and George Welker.

In 1967, four additional elders were appointed. They were Paul Curry, Herb Smith, James Smith, R.L. Ogletree and George Welker. In 1982, Mike Cummins was added to the eldership. In the following years, resignations and deaths decreased the number of elders to two, Herb Smith and George Welker. Larry Reynolds was then appointed in 1994. In 2007, Larry Taylor and Brian Huffman joined Herb Smith and Larry Reynolds in the work of the eldership and in present day 2014, four elders serve the West Side congregation: Gary Reynolds, Larry Reynolds, Mike Gors and Todd Stults.

The following men served as ministers of the congregation:

Ralph Burris 1960-1965
Joe Connell 1965-1969
Dwight Hesson 1969-1977
Jim Mowder 1977-1979
Owen Ivery 1979-1983
Rick Rolin 1984-1987
George Mearns 1987-1989
Larry Reynolds 1989-2011
Doug Post 2011-2012
Mike Gors 2012-Present

Each man who has served this congregation has had his own unique qualities. Each one has added a new dimension to the development of the local church.

(This history is based on a report written by Paul Curry-deceased.)