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When you visit the Westside Church of Christ you will find a congregation of warm, caring and loving Christians. A congregation that loves God and a congregation that is genuinely happy to see visitors. This congregation is autonomous and is under the oversight of elders, with a group of men serving as deacons, and we have a minister that preaches the word straight from God's word, the bible. All of this follows the teaching of the New Testament and we follow the teachings with special significance paid to the statement, "speak where the bible speaks and be silent where the bible is silent."

Westside Church of Christ offers free CDS for all sermons listed on our website. If you desire a CD, please call the office and leave your name, address, and the title of the sermon or sermons you have chosen. A CD will be copied and mailed to you, free of charge. This is one way we have chosen to spread the gospel through our media outreach.


6600 W Kilgore Ave
Yorktown, IN 47396
Phone: (765) 759-5984


Sunday Bible Study: 9:30 AM
Sunday Worship 10:30 AM & 6:00 PM
Wednesday Evening Bible Study: 7:00 PM